What to Expect

The SafeMed driver will pick you up at the scheduled time and deliver you to your destination. Please be ready to leave at the scheduled time. The driver is not able to take a wheelchair up or down stairs.  If you need assistance into your appointment, the driver will take you inside and make sure you are signed in and provide the office staff with a card with the SafeMed phone number.

The driver will ask for payment at the time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made with another party, such as the nursing or rehabilitation center where you are staying, an insurance company, or other responsible party.  Your signature may also be requested.

When you are finished, simply call the office or have the office staff call for you.  The usual wait for pick-up is 15-30 minutes.  You may experience slightly longer wait times during morning and afternoon rush hour traffic, as this simply can not be avoided.  Your driver is available to wait on site for you for an additional fee, please the Rates & Reservations section for details. 

A family member or caregiver is always welcome to ride along for no additional charge.

What We Ask of You

In order for our drivers to stay on schedule, it is important to leave at the scheduled pick up time.  Please be ready to depart when the driver arrives.  If you do not need a return trip, please notify the SafeMed office.  This may happen if your physician decides to admit you or a family member takes you home.  If your physician orders tests, labs, etc. and send you to another location, please contact our office to confirm the time and location for pick-up and that we are able to accommodate the extra trip.  We will always do everything we can to add extra trips in these situations.

Please note:  SafeMed does not provide oxygen.  Please make sure you have an adequate supply for the entire trip prior to leaving for your appointment.


If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so no later than the day before your scheduled appointment.  Same day cancellations or failure to cancel will result in a No-Show Fee of $20. Three No-Shows will result in suspension from our service for a 90 day period.

What to